Best Sunday roasts in London

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Finding the best Sunday roasts

Finding the best Sunday roasts in London can be a tasty time, as the city boasts plenty of traditional and contemporary options. Please keep in mind that the restaurant scene in London is constantly evolving, so it's a good idea to check for the latest recommendations and reservations, as it is one, if not the most popular meals to have in our capital…

The Hawksmoor

‘The Hawksmoor’ is known for their high-quality steaks, Hawksmoor also serves a fantastic Sunday roast. Their roast beef, in particular, is famous for its flavour and tenderness. For many years the Sunday roast has been a Hawksmoor stalwart that has been twice voted as the ‘Best Sunday Lunch in the UK’. They feel they are breathing new life into Sundays by welcoming a new Sunday Feasting menu and sharing sides that put the Hawksmoor Sunday Roast experience to the top of our list

The Quality Chop

‘The Quality Chop House’ is a historic dining spot that offers a traditional British Sunday roast with all the trimmings. The menu changes weekly, ensuring fresh and seasonal ingredients. The Quality Chop House celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2019 and their menu is contemporary and proud of the site’s past, so they even opened a butcher’s next door. Their head chef Shaun Searley has been on the pass since day 1 of QCH’s current incarnation in 2012 and is passionate about working with the best suppliers in Britain. 

FULL INFO - https://shorturl.at/mvPT7

The Princess of Shoreditch

'The Princess of Shoreditch’ is a gastropub in Shoreditch that serves up an excellent Sunday roast, featuring a choice of meats, Yorkshire puddings, and delicious sides. Very close to Old Street on the City/Shoreditch border The Princess is still tucked away from the main streets of Shoreditch. They want to be the best pub in Shoreditch, with the best food, and the best atmosphere. All whilst providing the best value for money too. They are also offering a seasonal menu focused on British provenance.

FULL INFO - https://shorturl.at/ktEFY

The Bull and Last

‘The Bull and Last’ is located in Highgate, The Bull and Last is known for its cosy atmosphere and tasty Sunday roasts, which include beef, lamb, and vegetarian options. Their food menus are tailored appropriately to the season and availability. They can change daily, and they use the highest quality of produce, cooked with care. Their beer list is dominated by British breweries, particularly those from the London scene. They work closely with five points brewery who produce various pale ales and other local drink options. 


‘Roast’ is situated in the iconic Borough Market, Roast specialises in British cuisine and offers a wide range of roast options, including beef, chicken, and pork, with all the traditional trimmings. Roast Restaurant, is situated above Borough Market in the historic Floral Hall, offering contemporary British food. They use the finest seasonal ingredients from the best British farmers to produce award winning dishes, from breakfasts to some of the finest Sunday lunches London has to offer. Founded in 2015, Roast was based around the best British food with a fine dining experience, but for the everyday customer, which they still pride themselves on today. 

FULL INFO - https://shorturl.at/vFSX4

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